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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Where is your company located?

    A. Mountain City Supply is located in Castle Rock, CO.

    Q. What states do you ship to?

    A. We ship to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Massachusetts at this time. We do request additional information from customers in California, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. We do not ship to Cook County or Chicago, or New York City.

    Q. I am local, can I pick up my ammunition?

    A. We do have a local pick-up option that you can select during checkout on our website, for more information you can contact customer service about that. Customers can now pick up ammunition from our gun store located inside of our Castle Rock warehouse, open 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

    Q. What do you need to send ammunition to CA/IL/NJ/NY/CT?

    A.For California, we request an FFL to send ammunition to. This can be a gun store or sporting goods business. Customer’s typically have one they prefer to use, if you do not, we can assist you. For Illinois we request a photo or copy of your FOID card. For New Jersey, we request a copy or photo of your New Jersey Pistol Permit and a photo or copy of your State ID or driver’s license. For New York, we request a copy or photo of your NY pistol permit (If you are purchasing pistol ammunition.) For Connecticut, we request a photo or copy of your CT Pistol Permit. We send an email to customers after they have completed their orders requesting this information, if you have purchased with us before, we should have your information in your account file, in that case it will not be necessary to send them again

    Q.What is the shipping time for ammunition?

    A. Once you have placed your order, the ammunition you purchased is reserved for you and goes into our shipping queue. Each shipment processing time is different depending on the ammunition you have purchased, and the shipping times are listed on the product page for each item.

    Q. How will I know if my order has shipped?

    A.When your order ships you receive an email generated by our shipment software that notifies you that your item is on the way, this email will also include your tracking number for UPS Ground. Typically, the items arrive within 3-5 business days depending on where you are located.

    Q.My shipment arrived damaged/has not moved/says delivered but I did not receive it.

    A. If you have any issues regarding the shipment of your order, please reach out to customer service at info@mountaincitysupply.com or fill out the contact form to reach us, we are happy to assist you with any UPS or shipping related issues you have and can get them solved for you.

    Q. What is the difference between White Label, Target, and Private Reserve?

    A. Our ammunition is made in-house by our production team. Our Private Reserve ammunition is new brass which has never been fired. Our Target and White Label is ammunition that has been fired previously, cleaned, reprocessed and loaded again. The pricing on these items are different based on the cost of components. Customers find that Target and White Label are more cost-effective options for going to the range to practice, but it is a matter of preference for each shooter and what they are comfortable putting in their firearm.

    Q.Do you have XYZ ammo?

    A. All of the ammunition we have for sale and are currently producing will be listed on our website. We are constantly adding new ammunition and making improvements to our current products, so checking periodically at new stock is advisable. .

    Q.The ammunition I want is out of stock.

    A. If you are looking for bullets that we have listed on our website, but are currently out of stock, you can add that item to your Wishlist and it will notify you once that particular item is back in stock for purchase.

    Q. I cannot see my previous orders, or my current orders status.

    A. We recently (07/12/21) launched a new and improved website that will serve our customers better, at this time orders made before the new website launch are still processing as normal and you will be notified when they are shipped, but they will not be viewable when you login to your account. If you need further assistance or require an order update, please email customer service at info@mtncitysupply.com .

    Q.How much ammunition can I buy at once?

    A.At Mountain City Supply, if we have the stock, you are able to purchase as much ammunition as you’d like or need. For stock levels, please contact customer service.

    Q.I am a business that deals in firearms and ammunition, can I start a dealer account?

    A.As of 07/15/21, we are working hard on setting up dealer accounts for customers who would like to buy products for their stores. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for the dealer portal when it’s ready, please email info@mtncitysupply.com and attach your FFL, Tax Exemption paperwork, and business name/address/email/phone number. We will send you a link to create your account when it’s ready

    Q.Can I send ammunition to my PO Box?

    A.We ship all orders through UPS, so we must send it to a physical address, like your home or place of business.

    Q.How do decrease my shipping costs?

    A.For a lower shipping prices you may ship your items to a business which can lower the amount by a few dollars. All of our shipments are insured by UPS which can increase the cost.