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    Who is MCS?

    MCS was founded because of the lack of ammunition in the retail market. We partner with select small-medium sized ammunition producers in the US to create our top quality products. Providing top quality ammo for the retail market is our #1 priority!

    Our Story

    MCS started in Arvada, CO due to a lack of ammunition on store shelves. We quickly outgrew the Arvada, and most recently the Denver location. MCS recently relocated from our downtown Denver CO a 1500 sq ft warehouse to Castle Rock, CO a 10,000 sq ft warehouse. MCS also obtained three Federal firearms liceses. We are now capible of producing our own ammunition, firearms, and importing firearms and ammunition. We produce all of our own branded ammo thanks to our 22 full time employees in Castle Rock, CO. Our current production is over 500K rounds a week utilizing our state of the art equipment. MCS in July of 2021 opened our first retail gun store which allows our customers to walk in and now purchase firearms and ammunition. Our goal over the next year is to continue our expansion and be able to make our own brass and projectiles. The ablitiy to make our own components for our ammuniton will further expand our ablity to have complete control over our production and product avalibility.

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    We Have You Covered

    We are ramping up our production to meet demand. Currently we are producing 400,000-500,000 rounds per week of various sizes with 9MM being our most popular by far. We will be adding more and more rifle calibers over the next few weeks. MCS will continue to carry ammunition from the large manufacturers when we can get it in stock. Until then, we have you covered. We do not set maximum purchase quantities. Nor do we charge you an arm, leg and/or first born child like some of our competition.

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    Our Location

    Our Castle Rock, ammunition warehouse location is 607 S Gilbert #102 st

    Mountain City Supply Factory Outlet now open! Address: 647 S Gilbert St, Castle rock, CO 80104

    Open Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm(Customer Service)

    Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm, Sat 10am to 6pm(Store Hours)

    AMMUNITION | FIREARMS | BUY & SELL | CLOTHING | ACCESSORIES PARTS KITS | CLEANING SUPPLIES all available in factory outlet for immediate purchase

    Mountain City Supply Factory Outlet
    Our Castle Rock, CO Location 607 S Gilbert St #102
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