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    Phase 1

    Mountain City Supply, LLC ("MCS") is a small family-run company based in Castle Rock, CO. Kris (dad) manages vendor production and sales, Charity (mom) manages compliance and finance. Jordan (daughter) manages our customer service and shipping. Cody (future son-in-law) manages packaging, art, and transportation. Bella, our 2 year old golden retriever, keeps us happy and ensures we don't have any extra treats that need to be consumed. Our other kids help where they can.We started MCS first of all because we were tired of finding store ammo shelves empty. The second reason was quality - large ammunition producers are focused on quantity not quality. After researching the industry, we found that small to medium size producers make a much more consistent product then the large ammunition producers. Utilizing trusted, quality materials, we are able to partner with our ammunition manufacturers to make an exceptional product. We are proud to be partnering with USA-owned businesses run by our military veterans and made with American-made materials!MCS will continue to carry ammunition from the large manufacturers when we can get it in stock. Until then, we have you covered. We do not set maximum purchase quantities. Nor do we charge you an arm, leg and/or first born child like some of our competition.We are ramping up our production to meet demand. Currently we are producing 200,000-300,000 rounds per week of various sizes with 9MM being our most popular by far. 

    Phase 2

    Phase 2 started in April of 2021. MCS moved from downtown Denver CO a 1500 sq ft warehouse to Castle Rock, CO a 10,000 sq ft warehouse. MCS also obtained three Federal firearms liceses. We are now capible of producing our own ammunition, firearms, and importing firearms and ammunition. We are now producing all of our own branded ammo thanks to our 22 full time employees in Castle Rock, CO. Our current production is over 300K rounds a week utilizing our state of the art equipment. MCS in July of 2021 opened our first retail gun store which allows our customers to walk in and now purchase firearms and ammunition. Our goal over the next year is to continue our expansion and be able to make our own brass and projectiles. The ablitiy to make our own components for our ammuniton will further expand our ablity to have complete control over our production and product avalibility.     

    Ammunition Shortage

    The ammunition industry has had some really tough years heading into 2020. Companies were trying to stay afloat when demand fell sharply after the 2016 election. In March of 2020, ammunition sales started to skyrocket and before we knew it, shelves everywhere were empty. Currently it is very tough to get primers. For those who do not know what a primer is, the primer is the button shaped object in the middle of the bullet. As Charity likes to describe it, primers are what make our guns go bang. There are only four companies that currently make primers in the US, the rest of the primers used in the market are imported from other countries. Due to primers being a small explosive, not many companies have the resources to make them. Add the production and import challenges to high demand for ammunition in the market, and we now have a better understanding of why store shelves are empty.Our ammunition prices are dictated by the price of materials to produce them. Previously, primers could be purchased for around $0.015 each; now they can cost us over $0.35.  We are constantly working to source large quantities of primers and other production materials in cost-effective ways.
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